Kids, go to college or you’ll die alone in misery

After nigh on to 30 years in so-called “higher education” I can tell you from first hand experience that, nowadays, college is a sham and waste of money. That is unless you aspire to spend the rest of your life in some olive drab government cubicle. — jtl, 419

Every time I write or speak about college, I tend to upset many parents and other decent, educated people. They are righteously offended at the mere suggestion that college isn’t necessarily the only way to go. Angry mothers email to tell me that my “anti-college” message is polluting the minds of their children. They don’t want their kids to skip college and become hobos and drug addicts. This is understandable. I should know — I’m one of those malcontents who decided not to get a four year degree. And what a…

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