Desert Musings

There is a life and death cycle to everything, even the media. I used to teach a class at a community college that looked at the life-death cycle of media. Basically it goes like this: Newspapers broke onto the scene with movable type…and ruled the roost until radio came around in 1920. Then radio’s immediacy made newspapers irrelevant when it came to delivering the news fast. So, papers went more in depth, something radio couldn’t do. Radio was the news and entertainment king until the 1940’s, when television emerged. That’s when radio decided to start playing music. TV held sway, especially in news until the first Gulf War, when CNN’s coverage changed the way we watch news. Now, we didn’t look at much difference between broadcast networks and cable networks, but trust me….they knew. Then in the late 1980’s the internet took over. News happened instantly, today programming is viewable…

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