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…Send 50 FBI Agents five days after one
black Thug gets popped…

Originally posted on Eradica:

…Send 50 FBI Agents five days after one

black Thug gets popped…


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Look Out!…Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter

Originally posted on The Camp Of The Saints:

This post from Ed Driscoll is worth quoting in full:

“Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source,” according to Fox News. Glenn Reynolds adds that “The Narrative Seems to Be Breaking Down.” His first blog commenter outlines exactly what the narrative du jour is:

There seems to be a pattern: 1) unarmed young black guy is shot, 2) there is a vast media outcry over the young “honor student’s” death, 3) family provides photos of the dead guy taken when he was 11 years old, well before he had opted for the ghetto thug look, 4) it comes out that the “honor student” has been committing felonies, 5) witnesses say the honor student was beating the hell out of the person who shot him, 6) Democrat politicians call for the shooter’s conviction, and 7) prosecutors, fearing rioting, black voters, or what have you, prosecute the…

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Scientists Call for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

Originally posted on Memory Hole:

elektrosmogOn July 9, 2014, 52 international scientists submitted a declaration to Health Canada, urgently calling on government to minimize the public’s exposure to the radiation emitted by wireless devices including cell and cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and baby monitors.

Currently, RF exposure guidelines in four countries. China, Russia, Italy, and Switzerland, based on biological effects, are 100 times more stringent than Canadian and U.S. guidelines.

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Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies


Kroger Rejects Statist Mommies

Originally posted on Packing Heat, Shedding Light:

Shannon Watts and her whining Moms Demand Action Attention have turned their… ahem… guns on Kroger, hoping to force the grocery chain to ban open carry in their stores, like they claim they did with Starbucks, Target and others. (Of course, there’s a bit of exaggeration on the part of the moms as well, since none of these stores actually BANNED anything, but hey… whatever helps them sleep at night.)

Well, Kroger didn’t feel like seeing an increase in robberies, like some other businesses that saw it fit to ban armed self defense. So they told the Mommies where to stick it. The company will continue allowing both concealed and open carry, as permitted by law, which prompted another ridiculous hashtag campaign on Twitter – #GroceriesNotGuns – which is bound to work about as well as the one demanding Boko Haram brings back the girls they kidnapped in Nigeria.

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WHO: Ebola Casualties Top 1,200

Originally posted on TIME:

The World Health Organization has tallied another 84 deaths from confirmed or probable cases of Ebola virus over the past three days, bringing the death toll in West Africa to 1,229 people.

The WHO released the updated figures on Tuesday and announced an increase in food and aid shipments to roughly 1 million people living within the quarantined areas of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“It is essential that people in those zones have access to food, water, good sanitation and other basic supplies,” the WHO said in a statement, adding that it had partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme to scale up its aide shipments to affected areas and target its deliveries to hospitals and quarantined homes. “Providing regular food supplies is a potent means of limiting unnecessary movement,” the organization said.

Liberia’s information minister said Tuesday that three Ebola-stricken African doctors who were treated with a…

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