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Homolobbying and the Real Reason For Homophobia

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:

Supporters of a single-gender and queer (does that word include zoophilia?) relationships try to scare normal people with the word homophobia. What does it really mean?

Officially LGBTQ activists claim that it is hatred towards them. And they go very far with that. In England there was this 18 year old faggot who, after getting considerably drunk, tripped and hurt his face. He took a photo afterwards, adding a description to his Facebook update that he was a victim of a homophobic attack. Until the truth came out, he almost became a national hero. From such instances one can understand that homophobia can be real as well as imagined…

According to E. O. Wilson, on the other hand, homophobia is natural and exists due to the fact that non-heterosexual males have higher reproductive success.


Yes. You see, Professor Wilson, the father of sociobiology, managed to dig out some statistics…

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Originally posted on Basharr's Outpost:


I know it probably has no meaning to you but you might want to think for a moment about the lives you are destroying in your quaint little town. You have destroyed the livelihood of many business owners, jobs of many of your own people and shown yourselves for the animals that you are. I have seen feral animals act with more understanding of right and wrong than I have seen from you. You have turned on your own and done it obviously quite willingly, you have destroyed any sense of community in favor of showing your true desire to destroy that which is not yours. You will be the first ones to complain when you have to pay for what you have done and most likely you will be the last ones to pitch in to rebuild what you have destroyed.

Do you honestly think you are doing something…

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Cruz: Time to Drop the ‘Illusion’ That Latest Terror Attacks Are ‘Random Acts’

Originally posted on The Counter Jihad Report:

Ted Cruz / AP

Ted Cruz / AP

By Adam Kredo:

Recent terror attacks in Jerusalem and Canada are not isolated events, and American policy leaders must drop “the illusion that these are random acts of senseless violence unrelated to our national security,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) said.

Whether the Islamic State or Hamas is behind the attacks, the extremist ideologyremains the same–and it poses a direct threat to democratic values across the globe, Cruz said in pointed comments to those who might claim the attacks were unrelated.

Following the Hamas terror attack Wednesday in Jerusalem–which injured several American citizens, including a child–both Hamas and the more moderate Fatah ruling party praised the terrorist responsible for the attack.

The same day, IS supporters worldwide took to Twitter to celebrate the fatal shooting of a Canadian soldier by a radicalized man that attacked the country’s Parliament building.

“We have to get away from the illusion that these are…

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What’s Congressman Mark Pocan selling?

Originally posted on This Got My Attention:

Congressman Mark Pocan from Madison, Wisconsin, a Democrat, has no real competition in the November 4 election. Madison dominates this district and is solidly in the Democrat camp. In the last election Pocan got 68 percent of the vote. Yet, Congressman Pocan sure is collecting a ton of money ($942,977 so far in 2013-14, not counting contributions under $200) and only $146,000 of that comes from Wisconsin voters. What’s Pocan selling to his out-of-state cronies and special interest contributors? What promises has he made? His competition, Peter Theron, a Republican, so far has raised a paltry $21,910. Check out Pocan’s campaign spending.

Pocan Contributions

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Islam Commands Muslims to Slaughter all Non-Muslims, That’s A Good Reason To Reject and Deny Muslims Any Place In America!

Originally posted on Lisa Richards: Rock N' Roll Politics:

burning flag muslims

The United States was founded on religious freedom, not religious persecution, or a religious philosophy of rape, slaughter and conquer, so why are we Americans welcoming that evil philosophy with open arms into this country and allowing it to kill us?

Why are we Americans subjecting ourselves to beheadings of civilians in the workplace, Muslims shooting and beheading their daughters who leave Islam for freedom, axes to the heads of our police officers, and bombing our streets and cities and planes? Because we have been told to tolerate and accept the violent movement of Islam as peace for the pathetic Group Think rubbish called political correctness.

It’s a horrid thought that one might die a bigot toward hated and slaughter.

If we Americans deny and reject Islam, Muslims, who’s religion and philosophy is protected and promoted by the humankind-hating leftists, i.e., progressives, we who actually love peace and liberty, will…

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