How The Left Will Attack Scott Walker And What Can Be Done About It

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Scott Walker’s 2016 star is rising. This was Monday’s headline on Drudge…

Progressives have noticed and they’re already plotting to disqualify Walker. This can’t be ignored.

Michael Auslin of National Review…

How the Democrats Plan to Defeat Scott Walker

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of thisSlate article, “Divide and Conquer,” by Jamelle Bouie. He has done the GOP a favor by revealing the Democratic party’s strategic plan for defeating Scott Walker in 2016: smearing him as a “divisive” candidate who will send dog whistles to his white supporters and seek to run the table with the still-majority white voters to win the White House.

This article is the 2015 equivalent to the Zimmerman Telegram, and the GOP deserves to lose the White House if it ignores it. Governor Walker and the RNC will repeat Mitt Romney’s fatal mistake if they let this become the national narrative. Romney failed…

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