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This is the price you pay when running an illegal sanctuary city. This is happening all over the country, they move into the black neighborhoods and hijack the drug trade. Then the wars start, in LA the Hispanics have declared war on the blacks, which they greatly outnumber. It’s going to get really bad.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The massive NYPD presence in Port Richmond yesterday said it all: Enough is enough.

In the wake of yet another possible bias crime on Staten Island over the weekend, police last night blanketed Port Richmond in a push to stop a series of assaults and robberies that has left the borough’s Mexican community shaken.

Nearly 30 police cars from precincts in Manhattan and Brooklyn line up on Park Place from Richmond Terrace to Ann Street in Port Richmond.

The NYPD deployed a task force in Port Richmond that includes a 24-hour command post at Port Richmond and Castleton avenues, two of the department’s NYPD’s three-story collapsible Sky Watch towers — one at the corner of Port Richmond Avenue and Richmond Terrace, the other at the corner of Port Richmond and Harrison avenues — a phalanx of patrol cars, officers and detectives, said NYPD Deputy Inspector Kim Royster.

The police deployment came as public outrage over the attacks reached a fevered pitch.

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