As you may recall, Hamilton is a former ACLU activist who
ordered the Speaker of the Indiana House to immediately
stop “sectarian prayers” at the opening of legislative sessions.

Specifically, Hamilton ruled that prayers using “Christ’s name or
title” were sectarian and therefore unconstitutional. Then he
ruled that prayers to “Allah” were acceptable! Thus, as a
district court judge, Hamilton said “NO” to Jesus but “YES”
to Allah!

In addition, this former ACORN fundraiser was called “not
qualified” by the American Bar Association, blocked reasonable
informed consent abortion laws and has a long history of
overt judicial activism.

And now, just as we expected, Senate Majority Leader Reid
is trying to slip his final confirmation vote under the
radar in order to avoid public scrutiny! There was a huge
public outcry in April and May this year when Hamilton’s
name was first advanced – and there needs to be an even
larger one now!

David Hamilton has repeatedly shown his far-left, anti-life,
anti-faith agenda through his radical judicial rulings. We must
strongly oppose his promotion to a higher court!


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