For a president who came into office claiming that he wanted to listen to what the world had to say, Mr. Obama has developed a fairly solid tin ear.

Last week, the White House pretty much tried to shut out the rest of the globe altogether.

First, the president cancelled a highly anticipated trip to Asia. “After hearing ad nausea from the Administration that America is back in Asia after a presumed absence under eight years of the Bush Administration, now comes the caveat. President Obama will cancel his upcoming trip to Guam, Indonesia and Australia – in the interest of salvaging his near singular preoccupation – health care reform,” reports Heritage Foundation Asian scholar Walter Lohman. “That didn’t take long. (Now, the trip is officially “postponed.” But this being the third time it has happened, the hosts certainly shouldn’t count on rescheduling. If it were a dinner invitation, such a guest would certainly be struck from future lists.)”

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