Congressional Black Caucus Chair Threatens Democrats With Race Card

American Glob

The whole brouhaha is about power. You see, people with cushy and influential government positions like to keep them but up and coming Democrats want a shot at those positions too.

The CBC is sending a clear message about that.

Joel Gehrke of National Review…

CBC Chairman Threatens Racism Smear Against Fellow Dems in Seniority Fight

Nowhere in the rulebook does it say that Democrats can’t play the race card against other Democrats.

With young House Democrats itching to break into the leadership ranks held by senior Democrats, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus issued a veiled threat that his organization wouldn’t hesitate to smear the fresh faces with a racism charge in order to keep the top spots they’ve acquired over the years.

The issue has come up because some junior Democrats are calling for limits on how long someone can hold the spot of ranking member on…

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