Is ‘Obama’ An Anti-Semite?

The Camp Of The Saints

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166Well…let’s see: he despises conservative Jews like Benjamin Netanyatu and it’s obvious he would rather Israel not exist…oh, and he abhors Judeo-Christian values and their heritage.  Further, the only kind of Jew he seems to care to deal with are Self-Hating Jews like Rahm Emanuel — you know, men and women born Jewish, but who look down upon and disdain being Jewish, and who especially loathe the Hebrew Faith.  If you have not concluded that this sorry excuse for a Human Being is, indeed, anti-Semitic, then you haven’t been paying attention.

The latest example of ‘Obama’s’ visceral hatred comes via Jeff Goldstein, who quotes a report by Susan Goldberg that reveals the Obama Political Machine is working within Israel to defeat the Prime Minister* [who some of us call ‘the Leader Of The Free World’] and, as Jeff remarks, hopes to achieve:

the deposing of Bibi Netanyahu in Israel

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