Two Boston Cops Hospitalized After Beating From Six Teens

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All the officers were trying to do was serve a probation warrant. For anyone not familiar with the Boston area, this occurred in Roxbury which is a high crime area.

The teens were all related to the subject of the warrant. If this family is on any form of public assistance, it should end. Immediately.

The Boston Herald reported…

6 teens charged in attack on cops serving warrant

Two Boston police officers were hospitalized yesterday after they were cornered in a stairwell by at least six teens who “kicked, punched, and choked” them as the cops tried to arrest a family member on a warrant in Roxbury, 
police said.

At 11 a.m. yesterday, a male and female police 
officer went to Wayne Street to serve a probation warrant on Woobenson Morissett, 19, of Dorchester for defaulting on court 
appearances, police said.

Cops said they were initially told by Morissett’s family…

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