Sixteen Year Old Black Murderer Smirks on Way to Court after Killing White Man


Simeon Adams

by Jeff Davis

We constantly have to read about Black-on-White crimes that were committed in the US in the British Daily Mail. They seem to have found a niche for themselves in covering all the racial news from America that no one else wants to cover. The Jewish-liberal news media in the US deliberately covers up stories of Black-on-White crime so that White people don’t begin to question what’s more important: having Diversity or having safe cities to live in.

The Daily Mail article reports “The 16-year-old suspect in the murder of a young father-to-be in Indianapolis laughed and smirked as he was led to a hearing this morning. Simeon Adams is facing a murder charge for the shooting death of 24-year-old computer programmer Nathan Trapuzzano as he took an early morning walk on April 1.”

“Wearing a prison issue jumpsuit and shackled to another prisoner, Adams only laughed when…

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