Diversity is strength alert! Albanian ‘youths’ arrested, charged with hate crime in NY…

Refugee Resettlement Watch

…. also update below on Albanian gangsters in Philadelphia.

Before you read on please see one of several posts we have written on how the Clinton Administration opened the flood gates to mostly Muslim Albanian so-called ‘refugees’ in 1999, here.  By the way, I just a week or so ago printed out the damning National War College Report by David M. Robinson, but it appears to now be unavailable. (See if you can access it, it is linked in that post I just mentioned.)

Your typical clean-cut white teens out to harass Jews in a NY mall? Gee I wonder what their motivation might be! Hint! It ain’t about skin color! http://westchester.news12.com/news/yonkers-teen-charged-with-assault-as-hate-crime-1.9739452

From Lohud(hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’):

WEST NYACK – Two teenagers accused of rampaging through the Palisades Center on Black Friday and attacking people, including two Orthodox Jews, have been charged with assault as a hate crime, Clarkstown…

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