When Will Your Phone Replace Your Keys And Wallet?


When I leave my home, I check that I have three things: keys, wallet, phone. How long will it be until the first two are obsolete? My wallet has only three things I actually need: credit cards, cash, ID. Any American with an iPhone 6 has already obsoleted credit cards, courtesy of Apple Pay. Any Kenyan, Senegalese, etc. with a phone has long obsoleted cash, courtesy of M-Pesa, Orange Money, etc.

As for ID, well, if you’re in Iowa, just wait: “Iowans will soon be able to use a mobile app on their smartphones as their official driver’s license … sometime in 2015.” Can the other 49 states be far behind? Well, yes. But will they be? I doubt it. Expect a profusion of government ID apps sometime over the next few years.

In America, cash is still the real sticking point for wallet replacement. Maybe, if we’re…

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