Obama’s Nominee For Pentagon Implicated In Alleged Theft Of CIA Documents

The Silent Soldier

December 24, 2014

Fox News: By Jake Gibson


Shown at left is Alissa Starzak, nominee for Army general counsel, at a Senate committee hearing on Dec. 2. (Senate Armed Services Committee/AP) (Fox News Screen Shot Photo)

The Obama administration’s nominee for a senior legal position at the Pentagon is one of the congressional staffers accused by Republicans and intelligence officials of stealing classified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency, Fox News has learned — and the controversy could imperil her shot at a major career promotion.

Sources on Capitol Hill and in the intelligence community say Alissa Starzak, a majority staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) who has been nominated for the position of general counsel to the U.S. Army, is one of two SSCI employees accused by the panel’s Republicans, and by career intelligence officers, of having “stolen” the so-called Panetta Review: a classified study of…

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