After Google Files Suit, Mississippi’s AG Calls For “Cooler Heads”


The slap fight between Google and the state of Mississippi has reached what could be its conclusion. It seems that Google will win its battle against a wide-ranging subpoena filed by a state employee, which it thinks exceeds the jurisdiction of the filing party.

The MPAA did not get the Stop Online Piracy Act through Congress. Public outcry scuppered the bill. According to various reporting sources, the MPAA turned to the States in the hopes they would press Google to do more to combat piracy.

The MPAA pooled resources with a number of studios and hired a legal firm to help move things along. That firm, in Google’s own language, “pitched” Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood to take the search giant on. The MPAA provided the necessary ammunition in the form of research.

Hood later fired off a letter that was essentially spoon-fed to him by the legal counsel financed at least…

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