Venezuela Is a Laboratory for Emerging Global Death Squads

Christian Patriots


Government forces (i.e. death squads) in Venezuela are summarily executing its citizens from motorcycles. Authorities are also breaking down doors of apartment buildings and murdering “suspected” protesters. Protesters are being murdered by the Venezuelan government without trial all across the country.

Some citizens, who are luckier than most are simply being arrested for “suspicion” of protest.  In a classic case, government opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, surrendered to authorities. He is charged with inciting violence and opposition to the government. His arrest led to even more protesting. Venezuelan citizen, Gauber Venot, stated “It’s important we have foreign media here. Our media is censored; we learn about our own country from outside sources.”  So is ours Mr. Venot, so is ours.

Of course, this is Venezuela and this could never happen in America. Of course, these same people who deny that this could ever happen here, have never heard of the NDAA

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