Celebrate Diverse Destruction

The Camp Of The Saints

Over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain pulls no punches in his analysis of what it is exactly that Homosexual activists are after.

In a post on a lawsuit filed by two Lesbian students against Pepperdine University, Stacy remarked:

A rep for Pepperdine issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, “We take allegations of this kind very seriously. We conducted an immediate and thorough investigation and found no evidence to support these claims.”

“The University remains committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.”

Well, thanks, Pepperdine, for that courageous statement in favor of diversity and inclusion, but don’t you see that the diverse people you are including don’t want to be merely included? No, they want the whip in their hands, so they can boss you around, tell you what to do, and compel you to grovel at their feet — “Please don’t hit me again!” —…

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