Television Has Stolen Three Generations From Their Parents

Right Wing Nuts and Bolts

We like freedom in America.  We want to be free to do what we want, eat and drink what we want, watch what we want without anyone telling us whether it’s good or bad for us.  So it is that we haven’t outlawed cigarettes, even though they most likely give cancer to millions of people.  And we haven’t outlawed liquor (actually did try that once), because it is quite possible to enjoy alcoholic beverages without killing ourselves.  And we haven’t outlawed the television, even though, especially when I was young, but even now, the television present things in our homes that we personally find quite repulsive and pushes the limits of human decency far enough to make almost everyone blush.

There is one thing about cigarettes and booze, though, that doesn’t hold true for television.  We don’t allow our children to use them, because we know they are extremely dangerous…

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