Saint Louis Officials Blame Victim Zemir Begic For His Own Brutal Murder: “We think it was wrong place, wrong time”…

The Silent Soldier

December 2, 2014

At approximately midnight on Saturday night  Seldin Dzananovic, 24, was attacked by a group of black Saint Louis teen thugs wielding hammers.  Mr. Dzananovic was able to escape the attack suffering bruises and scratches.

However, an hour later 32-year-old Zemir Begic would not be so fortunate.  Mr. Begic was brutally murdered by the same teens around 1:30am.

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch reports: “members of the group yelled at Begic, his fiancée and two others as they walked to Begic’s car. As the vehicle drove away, one teen jumped on the back and began beating on it. Begic stopped and got out, and one of the men taunted him to fight before all four attacked — and continued to beat him after he fell to the ground”.


Suspect 17 year old Robert Mitchell, one of the four teens.

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