Jonathan #Gruber claims that if you like single-payer #Obamacare has to succeed

The Silent Soldier

December 2, 2014

America’s Watchtower:

 Jonathan Gruber has been out of the news for a few weeks now but he’s back because another video has surfaced. This video shows clips of him at two different events–one from 2012 and one from 2014–and I think they are quite interesting to say the least.

  In the 2012 clip Jonathan Gruber basically states that if Obamacare fails we will have to revisit single-payer but in the 2014 clip he seems to reverse himself when he claims that is actually backwards and “if you like single-payer then Obamacare has to succeed.”

Many of us believe that Obamacare was designed to eventually lead the nation into a single-payer system and this appears to prove what we have been saying all along. The deception continues…

Here is the video:

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