Video: Politician Whose Son Is Landrieu’s Chief-Of-Staff Urges Voters To ‘Vote Twice

The Silent Soldier

December 1, 2014

The Daily Caller:

lllDemocratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s chief-of-staff was present at an event held a day before the midterm election in which his father, a Louisiana mayor, urged people to vote twice in order to re-elect Landrieu.

The Black Conservatives Fund published video of the event, recorded on Nov. 3, showing Opelousas mayor Don Cravins Sr. telling a crowd that if they had already cast an early voting ballot in the election that they should vote again.

“If you early voted, go vote again tomorrow,” Cravins Sr. told the crowd which was gathered at the Charcoal Lounge.

Cravins Sr. is a former state senator and Democratic Party operative. He is currently facing a run-off against another Democrat.

The mayor’s son is Don Cravins Jr., Landrieu’s chief-of-staff. According to the Black Conservatives Fund, he was present at the event when his father urged voters to engage in fraud.

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