The Agenda of Local News

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Last year, Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell stood trial in Philadelphia for the deaths of one woman and seven babies who had their throats slit, but national reporters didn’t want to cover it. It’s a “local crime story,” they said.

Ferguson, Mo., is merely the latest proof that a “local crime story” can be elevated to national news — when it’s the liberal media’s favorite kind of “agenda-driven stuff.”

The white kid killed by a black cop in Utah is not newsworthy.

A local story about a white cop fatally shooting an unarmed young black man in one St. Louis suburb has dominated the national news, to the point that the networks interrupted primetime TV for an announcement on whether the policeman would be indicted.

These are the same networks that refused to air President Obama’s speech the week before on his immigration end-around. The entire nation couldn’t wait two…

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