Report Reveals US Schools Whitewashing Hamas, PA


Parents group demands answers after report shows Newton, MA public schools alter Hamas and PA charters, accept Israel’s destruction.
Gaza exhibit on recent operation (illustration)
Gaza exhibit on recent operation (illustration)
Abed Rahim Khatib

Parents groups are up in arms after a recent report found public schools in Newton, Massachusetts presented whitewashed versions of Hamas and Palestinian Authority (PA) charters, as well as other materials posing the destruction of Israel as acceptable.

The findings were made through an investigation of classroom materials by the independent watchdog group Verity Educate, which discovered “repeated instances of bias against Israel, bias against the US and its actions in the Middle East, and bias that sanitizes the ideology and actions of terrorists.”

Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools (PENS), which took part in the research, on Sunday released a statement demanding action over the issue and detailing just how serious the school materials were.

In one case, students…

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