Obama, Chicago, and the Politics of Open Borders



Everything I needed to know about President Barack Obama, I learned in Chicago.  That is where President Barack Obama was a community organizer.  President Obama found and delivered needy voters to the Democrat political machine.  That was Obama’s first and only job.  That is where President Obama learned politics.  So did his staff.  Look at the results.  The Democrat machine in Chicago wiped out the middle class.  Light-manufacturing businesses once formed the economic backbone of Chicago.  Now they are gone.  The middle class left Chicago for other cities, or other states.  Now Obama did the same thing to America.   That is why the borders are open today.

The American people need jobs while President Obama’s phone and pen have wiped out jobs across America.  It started with banking reform, forced unionization, and finally with Obamacare.  President Obama systematically hurt firms from coast to coast.  Manufacturing needs materials and energy.  Our…

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