Politifact is politi-wrong, wrong, wrong, and conservative and freedom-oriented groups WERE and ARE targeted at the IRS

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Politifact tells half-truths and left out an important factoid in saying the IRS was not targeting conservative groups or targeting tea-party groups for their conservative views:

In all those hundreds of words, not once did they mention that the story broke when Lois Lerner replied to a staged Q&A by declaring that the IRS did indeed target groups with ‘tea party” in their name, and “patriot”, and please tell us again how including “9/12 project” in a targeted list for stalling and special scrutiny is not a matter of targeting as non-factual and half-factual “Politifact” even admitted in the article, “a movement started by conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck”. And too, “applications with missions to ‘make America a better place to live,’ statements that criticized how the country is being run, or groups focused on government spending, debt or taxes.”

Now that is most definitely a conservative-targeted hit…

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