Media covers up Obama, #Holder interference in #Ferguson probe: Report

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Missouri Grand Jury Room Missouri Grand Jury Room

While the news media breathlessly await a grand jury’s decision on whether or not a white Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, Darren Wilson, will be indicted for his shooting and killing of black teenager Michael Brown, a nonpartisan group that investigates government corruption announced on Thursday the release of Justice Department records regarding alleged interference in the Ferguson investigation by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. And the media’s silence was deafening.

The non-profit Judicial Watch obtained documents that reveal the Obama administration had dispatched eight Justice Department Community Relations Service (CRS) agents to Ferguson in the aftermath of the shooting incident — and during the days of protests, vandalism and looting — in response to demands made by NAACP. The DOJ agents included CRS Director Grande Lum and Deputy Director Gilbert Moore.

Set up in 1964, the decidedly secretive CRS, which requires…

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