Leftism 101: Unicorns Crossing Rubicons

The Camp Of The Saints

In the Comments section of my post of yesterday, Suicide Or Consolidation, Shermlaw makes a damn fine point:

There are certain Rubicons which cannot be “uncrossed.” This President is intent upon crossing as many of them as possible, because he does not have the respect for our system, nor does he have the restraint which is necessary for a leader in a republic such as ours. I had held some small hope that he would step back from the abyss, but he will not. He is determined to destroy what’s left of this country on his way out, and the feckless Congress will let him, simply because they’re more concerned for their own places at the trough than they are with the oath they took to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution.

Dead solid perfect.

Crossing Rubicons is part of the Grand Leftist Strategy. They believe [and are…

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