It Still Strikes Me

The Praetorian Writers' Group

Just some quick points about the big immigration speech of this evening, then I have to run to an appointment.

Obama makes all his speeches in Republican/Conservative language: It’s all about “responsibility,” you see, and about “accountability,” and “hard work” and “taking care of their families.” All while he’s about to take a hard-left action.

It’s interesting that Conservatives still own the language, even if the left uses it to bamboozle Americans.

The last phrase above — “taking care of families” — and several others, things like: “struggling to keep their families together,” or “sometimes working three jobs to feed their families and keep them together,” is what strikes me.

This coming from Obama is nothing less than baffling. Obama and his ideological confrères have done their level best to wipe out the family as everyone has understood it. You know: Mom, Dad and the kids? Not anymore. Obama and the rest of the…

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