Most ‘ #Illegals ’ are not #Mexican



If you read my blog, you may have already read me assert that.

But, hard data is difficult to come across.

Here it is.

So, why do the Liberals always talk about ‘illegal immigration?’

They are distracting US from what is really happening. They are bringing in millions of ‘legals’ and letting them stay illegally.

They KNOW THIS. And they look the other way – the article even points this out. AFTER 9-11 they decided they should do something. So, out of 5.5 Million illegals here from mostly Muslim countries, they only arrest 1,700. But, the Liberal media wants you to think all of the problem is from Mexico.

Obama’s aunt from Kenya stayed here even AFTER 3 evictions BY JUDGES. We paid her a million dollars in welfare.

Once they get here, you and I are supposed to feel compassion for the welfare queens. Obama’s aunt said we…

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