Johnathan #Gruber Is A #Fascist

Leo McNeil

Johnathan Gruber is a fascist. He’s willing to put up with a little bit of private ownership but only if the government dictates private transactions. He’s more than willing to help Congress manipulate laws in order to achieve government control. Much of the hubbub over Gruber’s comments on Obamacare manipulations put the blame on him. Make no mistake, calling the American people stupid is on Gruber. However, Gruber isn’t a politician and it’s hardly surprising when an academic with no political experience doesn’t know how to play the game. Academics aren’t nearly as smart as they or the left think they are. All Gruber did was explain how he manipulated Obamacare’s numbers so that Congress could lie to the American voters. Congress did the lying, Gruber wanted the fascist Obamacare law to pass.

Gruber’s support of fascism extends over to Medicare. Make no mistake, Medicare itself is a massive socialist…

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