Why Is #Israel So Hated?

The Citizen Media


With another beheading of an American in the last few days, the obsession and hatred of the West and Israel was made abundantly clear by the Islamic State Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  I suppose I  can rationally explain his obsession with the U.S. and their coalition forces.  Muslims in the Middle East resent the presence of our troops on their soil and our interference in their governments.  The liberalism of the Western culture is an affront to their religious sensibilities, and there is the centuries long battle between Christendom and Islam.  The Crusades of old are still alive and well, and they center around the Holy Land and its people.
Al-Baghdadi has described the Jews “as money-hungry individuals who controlled the leaders of Muslim countries … The Jews were frightened; they feared for their economy. They feared for the Muslims’ wealth and the goods of our lands, which…

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