Shock Video: 12 Year #Welfare #Queen Explains “I don’t need it (a job), I get a check from the #government ”

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12 Year Welfare Abuser We all have sympathy for those who fall on hard times and actually need the help, it happens and that is what a community is for. What we do not like is when people would prefer to STAY on welfare, rather than create their own worth. There’s no excuse unless you are physically disabled and can’t support yourself.

As Reported onIJReview:

It is not compassionate for people to be in the welfare system for years at a time. America is about people bettering themselves and attaining dignity and self-respect through supporting themselves and achieving things.

That is why the story of Kiara, a 30-year-old woman with four children, is disturbing on multiple levels. Not only should taxpayers be upset with her blase attitude about abusing the welfare system, they should feel bad for the thousands of Americans like her who are spending their…

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