#money #China Breaking The Back Of The #Petrodollar : China Signs Increasing Currency Yuan Swap With Qatar & Canada.

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Tyler Durden: The march of global de-dollarization continues.

In the last few days, China has signed direct currency agreements with Canada becoming North America’s first offshore RMB hub, which CBC reports analysts suggest “could double maybe even triple the level of Canadian trade between Canada and China,” impacting the need for Dollars.

But that is not the week’s biggest Petrodollar precariousness news, as The Examiner reports, a new chink in the petrodollar system was forged as China signed an agreement with Qatar to begin direct currency swaps between the two nations using the Yuan, and establishing the foundation for new direct trade with the OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system.

As Simon Black warns, “It’s happening… with increasing speed and frequency.” As CBC Reports

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