Harry Reid’s desk …..

The SWORD and the SHIELD

For the last 2 years Senator Harry Reid has performed as a dictatorial obstructionist leader of the United States Senate , holding and refusing to allow over 352 bills , and maybe way more at this point , to be even considered for a vote . Bills passed and sent over by the Republican majority House of Representatives . Only to moulder and  die in Harry Reid’s desk :http://goodolewoody.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/harry-reid-on-phone.jpgNow that the Republican’s control BOTH House AND Senate , all of Congress , every one of these Reid obstructed bills should be gathered , shown to the media , as clear ,  physical example of the mass of hard work and legislation that this asshole has stymied . Those still relevant should be resubmitted for consideration and a vote  in the NEW Senate . The American people need to SEE what a crime of malfeasance in office this vile little…

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