Ed Rogers: ‘Let the Payback Begin’

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APTOPIX White House Sunrise

Reid, Pelosi and Obama couldn’t work together in the majority; does anyone think they are going to pull together in the minority? 

“Was the media duped or compliant in not blowing the whistle on this? How were we this blind to the Democratic infighting? Evidently, the entire Democratic establishment, from the time the president was inaugurated to his second term in 2013 until now, had become nothing but a scheming, tactical political operation, bickering over money and positioning, with no particular interest in governing.”

For The Washington Post, Ed Rogers writes: The fog of the battle has lifted, and it is clear who won and who lost in the 2014 midterm elections. So now it is time for one of Washington’s favorite pastimes: finger-pointing, assigning blame and pursuing retribution. Losses get worse before they get better. The Democrats’ disappointment will set in, discouragement will Senate-race-Landrieufollow and the beating they…

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