“WE DESERVE IT” MENTALITY: America as Nation of Whiners

What Did You Say?

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Written by ++++Allen on November 1, 2014

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flyer 4We hear the term “we deserve it” so much these days that it’s barely a blip on our mind’s radar. From the recent hamburger flippers demanding $10.00 per hour because, after all, “we deserve it” – which, by the way… no you don’t — just about everyone these days thinks they are entitled. The pendulum swings 180 degrees, from the welfare leaching baby mamas who think they are entitled to your earned money for their bad choices in life… to the plastic surgeons’ Barbie dolls endowed with bionic boobs, that go looking for love in all the wrong places, who think because of the money invested in their bodies that they are entitled to Mr. Right – which. by the way… no you aren’t.

When did a privilege turn into a right? It seems — as usual…

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