#Islamic #Indoctrination In Schools HEATING UP: Kids Reciting “Shahada”!

What Did You Say?

MId Term drawing

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki — October 30, 2014

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ANYONE who understands the inner workings of Islamic submission via jihad, also realizes that capturing and co-opting the kiddies is their number one priority. Ditto for leftists and cultural Marxists.

THAT being said, it follows that America’s public schools are in their cross hairs!  Keep reading, but be prepared to take action, otherwise this jihadi train will take over your children’s hearts, minds and religious practices – like it or not!

Wichita, Kansas public school hall display!

IT has never been the case that this site has “cried wolf”, relative to Islam or the Marxist left. If anything, readers should know that this investigative journalist has evinced remarkable “restraint”, considering the explosive info which comes this way, some of which is “too hot” to reveal. Believe it.

BUT one needn’t immerse themselves in the jihadi muck to know this:

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