A Simple Solution to Irresponsible Health Care ‘Professionals’

The Rio Norte Line

As time progresses, we are starting to hear about this doctor in New York and nurse in Maine who are refusing to quarantine themselves after having returned from treating Ebola victims in Africa andshowing some early symptoms of the disease.  Regardless of the politics of this matter, both of these people are clearly violating standard practices for containing a deadly contagion.  But there is a simple fix to this problem;

1 — Any medical ‘professional’ who does not submit to quarantine should have their credentials  immediately and permanently revoked.  If they are so callous as to subject the entire population of this nation to a threat that is so easily dealt with by quarantine, they have proven — by their actions — that they are not qualified to be trusted with the public’s health.  If ever there was a justification for government intrusion into the private sector, this should…

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