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It is stronger than racial tension and cultural divide, it is hate.  Barack Obama is doing everything he conceivably can to create a nation that is at war against one another.   He wants racial tensions to peak, not just between blacks and whites but all races and nationalities.  He doesn’t want civil war, where there are organized factions with common interests, he wants total chaos……a virtual free-for-all.   Obama wants to turn our nation into a Somalia or Uganda, just another 3rd world country.   I guess he would feel more at home.

Corruption in government is on the rise, especially from the White House.  Executive orders are common everyday decisions, orders that are not in the best interest of our country.   There is no common sense in the White House.  Fast and Furious, scandal…….Benghazi total neglect, ISIS and Syrian facade, a diminishing military cut back by your…

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