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New York

The upshot:  A decades-long pincher movement has been successful in making New York alien and unaffordable for the middle class white family.  Which is why, politically speaking, New York will be swimming in blue ink for a very long time to come.  The goal in New York was and continues to be to push middle class native born whites and domestic blacks out of the city, so that the city can have only three kinds of people:  The plutocrats, young trust fund hipsters and a docile lumpenproletariat servant/labor class of Hispanics.

Interesting is this sentence:

The poor-door phenomena, with a few lucky members of the lower class winning subsidized units in buildings for the rich, but with separate entrances and no access to luxury amenities, recreates not social democracy but the Victorian upstairs-downstairs society.

Those “lower class members” who “win subsidized units in buildings for the rich”…

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