NPR Watch: Softening Us Up (10/27/14)

The Praetorian Writers' Group

Yep. You know how it goes. Listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way to work.

Today’s nitwittery from NPR was meant to soften us up for the loss of the Senate by the Republicans.

On comes the traditional feature about the Democrats’ great, mysterious “ground game.” This is their vaunted “get out the vote” effort that they launch every election cycle.

It should be called: “get out the voter fraud.”

We detailed what they do in these pages (Search: “Here Come the Dirty Tricks” in our search box). It’s pretty impressive if you happen to admire vast, sprawling, corruption in the electoral system.

In this case, NPR was talking about how the political organizations use highly sophisticated data mining techniques to know just what doors to knock on, just whom to contact and when, so that they get out and vote.

Hogwash! Sure they do that, and…

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