Two Sick Societies – Two Different Sicknesses

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Two very sick societies, two different illnesses: Socialism and islam.

Yet, how different are these pathologies, really?

  • Both set up highly authoritarian systems that regulate every aspect of a person’s life, including how he thinks.
  • Both deny all people basic freedoms that we take for granted here in America.
  • Both require constant, unflagging obedience to the regulatory apparatus; whether it’s the mosque or the government.
  • Both worship material goods — even the so-called “secular” socialists. In islam it’s the Koran, or images of Muhammad; in socialism it’s images of socialist leaders.(1)
  • No successful islamic or socialist state has ever existed.(2)
  • Both kill people who prove troublesome for any reason.
  • Both install societies with little or no social, economic or political mobility
  • Both install societies with problematic…

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