Obama Complicit (By Omission/Comission) In Slaughter of Kurds & Christians:Islamic Purging of Mid East…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

ISIS terrorists continue their siege of Kobane, Syria.
On Friday they released photos of dead female Peshmerga soldiers.
isis kobane female soldiers

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NO sane Jew (or self-proclaimed supporter of Zion, whatever one’s religion), whether living in Israel or the diaspora, should expect Barack HUSSEIN Obama to assist Israel in its fight – to the death – against Islamic terrorists. Realistically speaking, under what parallel universe would a man who can’t even bring himself to utter Islam + terror in the same sentence be relied upon for anything but a back-stabbing? Come on…get a mental grip.

CONCOMITANTLY, the above takes place while he outrageously, continuously opines, “Islam is a religion of peace”! And yes, he is not the only misanthrope (though selective in his hatred of humans) to prop up murderous barbarians. We get that. But none, as far as this site knows…

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