#NPR Watch (10/20/14)

The Praetorian Writers' Group

Kind of a rambling one today. National Public Radio’s (NPR) daily outrage was both national and local in scope, and I’m covering a bit of both.

As usual, I was listening to them this morning on the way to work. For lack of anything else news-oriented to listen to.

On the national broadcast, they did a piece on “money in elections.”

See if you can guess what point-of-view NPR took in this “news” story. Yep, you guessed it. All that lousy, rotten, corrupting, Republican money!

Yes, they spent nearly the entire feature on the Koch bothers, the billionaire Conservative philanthropists who fund a lot of Conservative things in America.

Not one single, solitary, teentsy-weentsy mention of the fact that there is far more left-wing money in elections than right-wing money. Not one single, solitary, teentsy-weentsy mention of Tom Steyer, hard-left billionaire who single-handedly puts as much lefty money into the…

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