Notes on the Islamisation of London IV

Defend the Modern World


I remember walking a couple of months ago down the long, grey length of Whitehall to meet a family member who was going to show me the Churchill War Rooms complex near the Palace of Westminster.

Before I got as far as our arranged meeting spot, I came upon a small demonstration at the side of the road. You can tell a demonstration in London from quite some distance by the fluorescent police jackets that swarm around them like a protective blur of lasers. (Ever since the student riots of a few years back, protest has been disgracefully restricted in the capital).

As I got closer, that familiar, idiotic word ‘Islamophobia’ emerged in bold type on the cardboard placards held by those gathered. The symbology of the Socialist Workers Party was also apparent, with issues of its newspaper stacked for sale on the stalls. Interested by all this, I…

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