Desert Musings

I guess deep down we all knew Obamacare wouldn’t work. I think even Obama himself realized it. After all, he’s the smartest guy in the room. I’m sure if I can figure it out with a mere bachelor’s degree from a fine but not outstanding Midwest non-Ivy League institution like Ohio University (NOT Ohio State!), that this Harvard trained Lawyer with impeccable grades and credentials (oh…wait…we don’t know that because he had his transcripts sealed, didn’t he?), would be able to figure it out. It just didn’t add up. You can’t charge the American public enough money, even if you spread it around where you can get the cost of health care to go down, and yet have everybody covered. Even if you give them subsidies.

And Bobo just never learned that lesson. I can understand Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid not knowing it or being able to figure it out…

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