Sweden borrows 10,000,000 kroner per hour to finance #Muslim #immigration

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by Nicolai Sennels

News clip – “We are borrowing 10 million kroner per hour”: 

Former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said: “It will cost you money, we will not be able to afford much else, but it’s really people fleeing for their lives.”… “Open your hearts!,” exclaimed Reinfeldt in his speech.

Quite interesting article on Sweden’s new Donald Duck government: 


Translated from Avpixlat via 10news.dk. More about Sweden on Jihad Watch here.

According to Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S), finances are really bad…

“It has become very clear that the barn is completely empty. It is not a set table we come to — it’s completely scraped. The question is whether even the table remains,” said Magdalena Andersson to the Daily News earlier. …

Immigration is costing billions of kroner and continues to increase without anyone so much as glancing at the handbrake. It is expected that bad economics will lead to tensions…

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