Minority Riot at the Arizona State Fair


Arizona State Fair

by Jeff Davis

State fairs are becoming popular venues for minorities to chimp out, run riot and randomly attack Whites. Just another aspect of America that has been ruined thanks to Diversity.

An article on AZFamily.com reports: “More than two dozen teens were arrested Friday night after a large fight at the Arizona State Fair.”

The word “teens” is a journalistic code word for 6-foot tall, 250-pound Black thugs committing violent and aggressive acts. Another dead giveaway is “urban youths.”

The article continues “Police say as many as 60 teens from the same neighborhood were involved in the fight on the first night of the event. They reportedly began fighting with police officers who stepped in. An adult woman was seen kicking and hitting a police officer. She was one of two adults arrested.”

“The fight continued several blocks from the fairgrounds, which are located at 19th Avenue and McDowell…

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