America In Retreat

Politically Short


As a nation, “we have lost the shared conviction that the American way is worth celebrating and defending, that democracy is the best form of government, and that America is rightly engaged with the world in defense of others who share these convictions”, writes Douglas Schoen and Melik Kaylan.

Moreover, “we must articulate this uniquely American vision again, both for our own sake and for the benefit of those around the world who look to America for leadership”.

The worlds superpower has no foreign-policy vision or strategy. President Obama’s America is passive, confused, and ineffective as a superpower.

Our allies doubt American commitment and resolve, question or outright oppose our policies, and are increasingly looking elsewhere for sustenance and support. In the words of Schoen and Kaylan, “the U.S. has no clear strategy other than retrenchment and the minimization of genuine threats. We seem unwilling to acknowledge what our…

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