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Clash of the Progressive Pieties | National Review Online.

Kevin Williamson writes another masterful column in National Review Online.

In this column, he points out what we have said a lot around here: leftism is full of contradictions that would be fatal to any other belief system if it weren’t artificially buttressed by the dishonesty, incompetence and IQ-deprivation of pop culture, academia and the media.

In this piece Williamson tells the tale of two lesbians who order up a baby from a sperm bank, and when the little girl arrives, the adoptive parents find out that she’s of mixed race, and not the lily-white baby they ordered.

So, of course they did what?

They sued, natch!

Needless to say, Williamson has several things to say about this. Here are some of the best:

Naturally, there is a lawsuit — for breach of warranty, among other things. The couple say that they…

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